Adeline and Brock have been friends all their life. Now working together in Adelines Family company.
When Adeline announces “she Wants Baby” things start to change.
I loved this couple, and i loved Brock, it was obvious to me from the beginning that his emotions and feelings went a lot deeper for Addy than he portrayed, and never made a move as he had be put in the “friend” Zone a long time ago. I don’t know how she resisted him, he was that handsome, sexy, fun boy next door !!! Although at times i wants to shake Addy !! She did perturb me a bit, but when an author can do that and stil leave you wanting more, for me thats good !!! It felt realistic and the characters were easy to like. Steamy oh yes !!! I was definitely getting hot under the collar!! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book as this is the first book i’ve read by this author, but i’m definitely looking forward to more !!!