Jenna is a Model, it pays the bills but her true ambition has always been acting, now she has that chance. One huge problem, Tanner James, Hollywoods hottest property, will be her co-star. What’s the problem with that right? Tanner and Jenna USED to be Janner, Hollywoods Golden Couple, until they weren’t because he Cheated!!!! or did he? Now ten years later can Jenna really do this?
Omg this second chance romance, hit me in all the right spots. The chemistry between Tanner and Jenna had me seeking a fan!! Although in some ways its a light hearted read, it does also take you to some deep emotional issues!
I loved Jenna, even though her go to coping mechanism was to hide from things, failing that Run away !!! The way their relationship developed was just such addictive reading. I laughed, cried and wanted to throw my kindle at the wall, but i still didn’t want it to end!! I didn’t want to like Jenna, because Tanner, that’s a GUY you want for yourself !!!! Trust me, his talents do not end with acting !! I really enjoyed how this couple, grew and felt that they had become friends, rather than just characters to love. Definitely a book that needs to be one clicked !!!