A book so full of promise as Billionaire CEO is one of my favourite sub genres within romance.

A burning building a damsel in distess and along comes suave, sophisticated and sexy Morgan to save the day.

A day of nightmares, and a hundred worries lie on soot ridden Ellie’s shoulders but thankful for her knight in shining armour another chance at life.

Their world’s couldn’t be further apart, their lifestyles so influenced by money both lack of and the opposite end of the scale copious amounts.

Morgan is work driven and project orientated, oozing confidence and dominance. Ellie on the other hand is shy and timid out of work situations quite the submissive.

Explosive together despondent apart, feet to run, tears to shed I loved the passion, the fireworks the innocence, the power and influence of the heart. Constantly sat on the edge of my seat awaiting the downpour.

A fantastic start to the beginning of a new series. I look forward to finding out what happens next as my mind has taken me in several different directions since finishing this book with endless possibilities!