This is the second book and i would highly recommend reading the first book, Pretty Reckless first.
Chase and Kat stole my heart in the first book and i was definitely excited to dive into this continuation of their complicated, raw and emotional story.
Kat is a complicated girl, and is also dealing with her alcohol addiction, Chase is also a man dealing with dark demons and a recovering addict. I was already in love with Chase, because in the first book we see HIM! Despite his own battle, he was selfless in his conviction to “save” Kat even from herself. Even though their lives are filled with uphill struggles, their depth of love for each other, and family problems, it just leads you even further into their web and to love them all the more. This book will capture you, and leave you raw, its pain, its heartache. This author writes a story that not only gives us hot steamy soul deep love, laughs and humour, she also brings us the stark reality of the tornado of destruction and havoc addiction can bring to families and the constant battle that has to be overcome daily. Even with things go south in the worst possible way, i was in awe of Kat, despite her enormous struggles, her determination to never give up just wowed me !! I’m pretty sure i became totally addicted to both Chase and Kat, their rock bottoms and also their strength and determination, its not an easy ride, and i don’t want to give anything away, because the impact of this book just needs to be read. I laughed, I cried, My soul broke, my heart lifted, my emotions were swept away by two of the most messed up characters, yet I wanted to wrap them up and protect them and keep them from everything that would lead to them falling. OVER COME!!!









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