This is the second book in this Amazing Duet, The first being Rebel Heir, which i would HIGHLY recommend reading, because its freaking AWESOME !!!!!!
This book continues where the first explosively left off.
I’m not really sure i can find the words for this review, i don’t want to give anything away, so it may be a little bit of a ramble !!
Firstly, keep tissues handy, a swear box and maybe some boxing gloves, because i know you will want to batter something or someone!!!!
This couple… Rush and Gia, set my heart on passionate fire !!!! Their caring, their love and their commitment and devotion to each other leaves me breathless. when these authors decide to capture your heart, they leave no stone unturned, real life fades and your world is entranced in each and every word before you on the pages, twisting your emotions, catching all your free and easy falling tears and your laughter. Your heart, mind and soul become one with the characters, and your wrath is real when anyone tries to intervene, in their love or in your reading time !!!!! When life throws you Lemons the size of melons, how can you even think of lemonade !!!! Rush is a man with so many facets, he can be harsh, he can be the most caring man, but most of all he’s a man with passion, honesty, and the ability to love and love hard !!!! Gia was his perfect match in every way. I loved her strength, i loved her weakness, but most of all i loved that she would never give up loving this man nor doing what she felt best for him, even if it meant sacrificing herself. This journey was bitter and sweet, emotional and devastating, heart breaking and heart healing, but most of all its a journey i won’t forget !!!