Aspiring Author Gia is spending summer in the Hamptons in an attempt to meet her deadline for her yet to be written novel, but she’s in a writer’s slump and had also spent the advance she received. Through her friend and a “mishap” she’s found herself a part time job at the “Heights”, problem is the boss!! He’s hot, sexy, Tatted, but he’s also a bit of a tyrant. Yet they seem to get along, and are most certainly attracted to each other.
Rush, runs by his own rules, and that means you DO NOT mess with the staff. But damned if he can’t get his mind of Gia!!
So this book is just about everything you never knew you needed in a book. I loved every single thing about it, be prepared because we know love never goes smoothly and with Rush and Gia you definitely get a roller coaster, from beginning to end !!! Their humour will leave you in tears laughing, their chemistry will have you panting, but their relationship will tear your heart right open. I adored how their relationship grew and developed, both wary of commitment, both with deep issues that they had to overcome, both with their self doubts, yet it just works seamlessly!! I was captivated and couldn’t put this book down, this pairing of authors leaves you no where to hide but inside their pages, devouring every snippet of this couple and wanting more. A major twist in the book left me reeling and panicing, because i’m not sure my heart would take this couple not having their H.E.A!! I sure didn’t see that coming ! but wait, there’s more !!! This is a duet and the second book is coming in a month, i’m not sure i’ll make it yet I’m so excited that it won’t be long till i get more of Rush & Gia, a hero and heroine you will no doubt fall in love with !!!