Although this book is a standalone, i’d highly recommend reading the first two books in the series, because this Rock Band and these brothers will most definitely become some of your favourite rock stars !!!!

Rivers is the drummer, and out of the three brothers, he’s probably the quietest, broodiest and maybe the hottest !!  Be prepared to have your heart cracked wide open and your tissues to be well used !!  This man, is someone that you can’t fail to fall in love with. He’s moody, he’s got issues, but he’s also a man that lives by those codes of honour we all love so much. Honesty, loyalty, a man of his word, a man who keeps his promises and a man who loves deeply, and when in the past he’s had to battle those very traits, it cost him the love of his life, his soulmate  Stella.

Now he’s returning, knowing that he will never recover his heart nor Stella, but he can try to make things right, if she even gives him a chance.

OH MY LORD, this isn’t an easy book, it reaches depths you forgot existed. We learn of the younger love they shared, and it was incredible, we learn of its demise and it shattered my heart. So in Love, and how bad decisions even when they are made for what’s believed to be the right reasons, can shatter your whole world. How miscommunication can be fatal in altering the path you are sure your life with take. Stella hasn’t coped with losing Rivers, her heart was not only broken permanently, but life took various turns that broke her down even further. Oh how i admired this young lady, she may have been broken, but outwardly she appeared to have control of her life.  The relationship didn’t go easy, yet both their determination to come to terms with the past, had me completely and utterly glued to the pages, with many a tear flowing freely. I was quite literally living their pain and anguish right along with them.  This is so much more than a romance, its soul searching, hot searing emotional LOVE !! Now this author being the amazing writer that she is, doesn’t just keep our hearts on our sleeves, she just adds heart thumping anxious twists that you just don’t even see coming and i got even more agitated with panic because i just couldn’t predict what was going to become of both Rivers and Stella and i can tell  you.. if they didn’t have a lifelong well deserved happy ending, i’d probably be left with scars on my heart that wouldn’t be healed!!!  But you need to read this book because you deserve to experience what i did with Rivers and Stella’s story. They will both forever be in my Heart !!!!