29th June, a day Mackenzie will never forget, not just because its her birthday, but because its the day that changed her life forever. And that is all i am going to tell you about this story. Why? Because its so incredibly good, i need to tell you WHY to read it.
This author has written a book that will leave its mark. 
This young couple will blow you away, both emotionally and and even with smiles, hope and pure love, but this is mostly Mackenzie’s journey, through the darkness to reach and grasp back life. 
No matter who we are in life, no matter where we come from, we all will, at some point in life, share the experience of grief and loss, we know and feel the hole left behind, we know the pain of living daily without them, we know the longing and missing, we know how it changes us, we know that Pain!!
My heart shattered for this young girl, not only losing a sister, a twin, the other part of herself, but to lose her through suicide, just broke me. Ryan was amazing and is there for Mackenzie in ways that just blew me away. Their developing relationship among the pain is just beautiful. Although I i found parts highly emotional i also found parts just so darned heart warming, that i was able to smile through my tears. Tijan has taken a difficult subject, one we all are aware of, yet not one of us want to have the experience and has written and incredible book that will touch every part of you. Each and every one of us has had dark thoughts at difficult times in our lives. “I hate my life”, ” I wish it would end”, we have our good and bad times. The times in grief when we want so desperately to hear them again, just talk to them again. This story is so emotionally charged, it just pulls you in, your heart is right there with the family, and you feel every single difficult step they take. yet Tijan writes this book giving you so much hope and reminding us that each and everyone of us with understanding and compassion can make it through the worst of times. I am completely blown away with the heart and depth of emotion this book brings.
Sometimes we find books that become so endearing to us, sometimes we find books that make us sit up, think, even hit us in ways that make us step back and re evaluate ourselves, and sometimes a book just hits us right in our hearts because its so close to everything we all experience. I challenge you to read this book an not be effected by it.