Although this book could be read as a standalone, i would  highly recommend reading the first book   SKINS   (which is amazing) to really get the full experience from this super Duet !!!  

oH HOLY CAT SPIT !!! My head and heart is still inside the pages of this book and with Sebastion and Andrea !!
I couldn’t wait to dive into this because having read the last book, and the events and journey it took me, made reading this book inevitable and ever so necessary!!
Sebastion and Andrea are now living a simple happy life with their son, having stolen her from the clutches of her sadistic, malicious, abusive Husband Alejandro !!Oh how i hated that man !! Sebastion is just drool worthy from beginning to end, now don’t get me wrong, he’s the most loving, caring man, but he’s definitely not a man that is averse to the dark side, and will happily end anyone’s life who threatens those he loves or his family!
OMG and we find out just how vengeful he can be, how smart he can be, and how ruthless he can be, when that ugly excuse for a human being Alejandro shows up again to take his revenge on Andrea and to finish Sebastion !! I seriously wanted to claw that mans eyes out ! The cruelty within his sorry soul left me itching with anger, The bravery and guts within Andrea left me hugely in awe at this ladies strength and her love and protection for her son, despite the abuse and torment she suffered each and every day !!! This book kept me biting my nails, shouting expletives at my kindle and on edge from beginning to end. My emotions were in uproar, from mushy puddles of goo one minute to wanting to be a warrior to destroy those who dared to hurt my hero’s the next! An absolute roller coasters of emotions from beginning to end and i couldn’t get enough !! The build up just becomes more intense throughout the book and i still didn’t want it to end !! Ahhh that end twist almost finished me, my heart was left in pieces, but it also got repaired in the best possible way !! Brilliant Read!