This book continues from the First Book, Scripted Reality which i would highly recommend reading first.

Still Hurt by her ex boyfriend Donovan Bell’s actions, Ella is now coming to a place where she feels she can move on with her life. Her feelings for Connor are growing and the chemistry between this couple is bubbling like molten Lava ready to explode !!!! Yet again just when things are going great, Donovan rears his ugly head. Ella is feeling on edge when he tries to contact her acting like they are or should be still together. Things take little twists for the worse with his threats and stalkerish behaviour. Can Connor and Ella survive? Is their new found love strong enough?
Quite a lot happens in this book and i’m not going to give anything away. I definitely found myself more caught up in this book, and some super little twists i didn’t expect. A couple of side characters, particularly one almost stole the show !! Connor definitely stole my heart in this book, and Ella really is the kind of person we all want to be !! Well written and a super read !!