Ella is a huge successful actress, living the dream with her Agent boyfriend… until she comes home to find he’s really nothing but a rat bag. He’s left and taken everything, leaving her penniless and devastated. So how do you begin to pick up the pieces, when all you want is to crawl into that safe bolthole and avoid the word and pain.
I enjoyed this book, Ella was down to earth and her family was a huge support. When best friend and fellow actor Connor steps in to support her it obvious this man has hidden deep feelings. I love their progress from friends to lovers, and how he give her the space and support all in the right quantities, never making her feel she wasn’t capable. I did find the story a little hard to get into at first but it really was worth persevering, although now and again i did feel it lacked a little umph and felt that it plodded along !! but maybe that’s just me. Ella is a strong lady and i loved that she used her experience of the nightmare that became her life to do something good that would benefit those less fortunate than herself. Connor was protective, hot and sexy, but i didn’t feel that we got to know him as much as we wanted. This story really is more about Ella and i pretty much liked that !!! Now i’m looking forward to the next one and hoping that Stinky Donovan (Her Ex) will get his comeuppance !!!!