What a fantastic way to start your 2018 reading!!  A book that brings you fun, laughter, tears and a male character to leave you weak at the knee’s!!!

Natalia Rossi and Hunter Delucia first meet at the wedding of their mutual friends. Even though they have a mutual attraction, Nat has no intention of becoming involved with a hot playboy that lives thousands  of miles apart.  Months later they meet again at the baby shower for those same mutual friends. That hot steamy attraction is still just as vibrant.  After giving Hunter her mothers telephone number to throw him off, Nat is stunned when he shows up at her mothers door.  So he’s gonna be in town for 6 weeks right?  What could possibly go wrong to an agreed arrangement of fulfilling their desires during that time. After all its only 6 weeks!!

This book is romance at its best.  It gives you the fun, the heart warming moments to melt you, and the tears to crush you.I loved the push pull of this couple. Even though neither wanted anything serious it was so obvious there was more to their feelings.  Hunter Delucia left my heart in a puddle of mush and I loved Nat’s strength. Their relationships with friends and family just had me smiling to myself with a stupid grin. I couldn’t put it down. I both love and dread books like this a little, because seriously?  You just don’t want them to end! I wanted to stay in Nat and Hunter’s bubble for as long as I possibly could !!