Rittenhouse Kings the prequel to this book was born to tease and tempt you into needing this book and it certainly did that!

I love college and new adult romance books so this was right up my street.  Add into the mix a bunch of hot sexy ice hockey players and I’m pretty much dancing on the table in joy!

I’ve read a few books of Mayas now and she never fails to thoroughly entertain me and this book is no exception.

Makenna the misunderstood is what I like to call her. Judged by her families past financial status, and her cold, apparent superiority complex . She’s locked herself away almost in an ivory tower where nothing and no one can touch her.

Now Declan the Demolisher has everything going for him. He’s the star of the ice hockey team, loved and cherished by all and sundry (except Makenna might I add) but is life really so golden and rosy.

Do these two have more in common than they think? does it matter one was born into money and one from poverty?

I loved how they made their own music to dance to, each battling to better the other. Have the last say, come out with the best names and or insults it had me chuckling away  and gaining quizzical stares (some people just don’t understand!!)

In the back of my mind I could see where this book was going to go, and I liked that. Add in the odd twist and turn that I wasn’t expecting and this book was devoured with a smile on my face.

If you haven’t read Maya this is a fantastic book to start with (don’t forget the prequel if you want the full story!) it’s a standalone and introduces you to her wonderfully.






Hot Sexy Ice Hockey Playing Declan McAvoy and Quiet grade A student Makenna Halstead go toe to toe in this steamy College Hate to Lovers Romance.
Did i just say toe to toe? WELL let me tell you… its a lot more than that !!
Both these characters are strong willed and determined to reach their goals. Both are sassy, witty and have no problem trading banter. Both are driven by incidents in their past, and both will have you smiling, swooning and feeling lucky to be on the inside of their combustible journey to love.
I loved the relationship between these two, their angst towards each other and their snipping at each other, but underneath all that there is so much more to this story. What we really have is two characters that remind us of how easy it is to assume and judge others without looking any further. In High School Declan was definitely the kind of person Mak would never want to be around, playboy, cocky, and just typical of those that give off that “entitled vibe”. Likewise for Declan, Mak was an ice queen, and life handed to her easily. Now thrown together and made study partners in college, the sassyness is still there and they still push each others buttons, but we see the layers unfold, to reveal their true selves!! And omg how crazy wonderful they are together !!! An addictive read with a hero and heroine you can’t fail to love and side characters that we really need more off !!!