This is probably one of the most emotional Military(although in not the most prominent feature) Romances i have ever read.
Its a story about life, grief, loss and the unbreakable bonds of 3 friends.
Trent has been best friends with Degan and his sister Dani all his life, infact he’s never not been in love with Dani his whole life. Their life together separated when Degan and Trent left to become soldiers, and Dani left for a more bohemian lifestyle. Now Trent, Fresh out of the army is on a new mission… to find Dani to give her news no one wants from a war zone, and also with hopes of finally claiming the only woman he will ever love. So he ends up in Spain at a language class being taught by Dani.
Omg i cannot even go into detail of the emotions that flooded me reading this book. I took a journey with two beautiful souls. Trent is a man full of honour, never mind being hot !!! Dani is a girl that really doesn’t want to have to deal with the shit side of life, but yet those things she avoids the most is what she does best when Trent needs her. They travel though grief and loss, they bring us with them on finding their strength in their love, and it just touches your soul. This book will touch every single emotion you carry in the deepest part of your heart and gives you characters you will carry with you always !!