Although the second book in this series, and we come across Characters from the first book, Silhouette, it is possible to read this as a stand alone.

I have been looking forward to this book, and i wasn’t disappointed. 
James Parker (Big) a burly Biker and Member of “The Redeemers MC” although technically now a nomad. He’s also man who has endured a past that would break the strongest of people. Yet there is something infinitely charming about him.
Nyah has survived a disasterous marriage, a strong girl with a super family behind her, and happy running her Bridal Gown business. When these two collide, sparks fly. Lets face it, “BIG” is sex on a stick, who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with him ! Neither are looking for a relationship, especially Big, he wants none of the danger that follows him to encroach on this beautiful young womans life. But he didn’t forsee Nyah’s determination to get her Man !!!!
I loved the relationship with both these characters. Even though nothing is going to be easy for them, their humour and love shone through. The relationships with their families and friends was captivating. Danger all around and this author keeps you guessing and in suspense !!!!!!!!! I couldn’t get through the pages fast enough, to know what what going to happen next, Great Read!!!