When i read a book like this, i thank my lucky stars that i’m a reader, because this book is the hidden treasure you never expect to find !!! I really don’t want to give anything away, because this book is one you just need to go into blind and let it take you over!!!
Not only is it a beautifully written Love Story, its a coming of age and a growing into the person you not only want to be, but the person you are inside your soul. It’s the awakening of the inner you, emotionally and sexually where the only boundaries that exist at those you have for each other.
This couple have quite a journey to find not only each other, but their path in life, that life they need to live, not for others or obligations, but for themselves.
Tavo is a young spanish man, weighted with responsibilities to keep together his family and their livelihood after his fathers death. He has his dreams, knows what and who he wants to be, but it also feels a little impossible when you have to hide parts of yourself.
Kim, a young american girl, student, and spending the semester as a guest in Tavo’s home to further her Spanish. Being away from a loving yet restrictive home, gives Kim the freedom of choices she’s never had before and a chance to experience so many “firsts”
When these two meet, one of the most lustful, decadent, sexy, sweet, Love Stories i have ever read begins and from that point, these characters own you. Every breath, whisper, lustful moan, enchanted giggle, and salty tear envelopes you in a haze of Want!!!! This books wasn’t at all what i expected, but it was everything i didn’t even know i needed. Simply utterly Beautiful.