A Film, A Script and a celebratory drink at finding the last piece of the puzzle to start the cameras rolling.

Life is a dream and then reality aka Mr Milton Greene comes waltzing in and out come the thunder clouds.

Juno Anderson is the Director of Homefront. The script to end all scripts, and as such feels belittled when actor Cannon Hunt is thrust upon her with his radiant smile and charm a plenty.

Nope, her opinion doesn’t matter Cannon is the right man for the job get on with it is the general gist. You don’t argue with the man in charge from the film studios.

Cannon can’t believe his charm and sexy smile alone haven’t won him the part. Shocked yes, puzzled yes, ready to rise to the challenge known as Director Juno..YES!

What Juno lacks such as warmth, emotion, and friendliness Cannon has in bucketloads. They are complete oposites and whilst she is determined to stay aloof and hostile almost, he is equally determined to get up close, personal and under her skin.

Cannon I think stole my heart with his audition never mind anything else. I could picture his mega watt smile and I was swooning. Juno though fierce and determind I could relate to. I understood where she was coming from and I liked that I forged a bond with her character over how the world perceives you and your actions.

I loved how the books tied in together and I guarantee after you have read this if you haven’t read “before she was mine” and “after she was mine” you WILL want to!

Another fantastic read that stays in your mind and visits you in your dreams. Well Cannon did mine ahem! .. *smirks*