This is quite simply an INCREDIBLE read. You know how sometimes you start a book expecting something exceptionally good but at the same time not sure what that will be?  This book will surpass all that and more !!! I can say without a doubt that this book will be right up at the top of your 2018 reads.

As a ten year old boy, Ren escapes a horrendous cruel life, but unknown to him, during his escape he had a little stowaway. This story takes us on an intimate 18 year journey with these two incredible characters. Told in both Pov’s it clutches at your heart right from the beginning. It’s a story of survival, against the odds, its a story of the horrible rotten cruel side of people and life, its a story of unconditional love, its harsh yet beautiful. Ren’s devotion to Della just blew me away, when someone can suffer so much yet have that strength to overcome it. My heart is in shatters, my soul hurts, and i don’t even have words to describe the emotional turmoil and pain i feel for these two beautiful souls. Rarely does a book capture your soul as this one will, we live through their life with them, from childhood, to teenage, to adult and their struggle not only with life, but with their own personalities and emotions developing. This isn’t a simple story, and yet Pepper Winters has written it flawlessly. You will be captivated, from beginning to end and i’m not sure your life will be the same, because every moral compass you have will be tested to its limit. Personally i know without a doubt i have just read a book that will NEVER leave me, and I’m more that good with that !!!