This is undoubtedly the Best Duet I have ever had the privilege to read. It connects with every part of your soul and will leave you  emotionally drained yet strangely elated that you have shared this journey !!  Book 1, THE BOY AND HIS RIBBON MUST BE READ FIRST

I have really struggled with writing a review for this book. How do you write a review for a book that makes you feel emotions so deeply you can’t find words. how do you review a book that leaves you feeling lost without it. How do you review a book that encompasses everything in life that we all at some point will face, that will devastate us and leave us forever changed. How do you review a book that is written so perfectly that the “characters” never feel anything but real people you know and love. How do you live without the one thing that give you a reason to breathe? How do you write a review for a book that has you in so engrossed you don’t even feel the tears sliding down your face and at times have to walk away to regroup and put yourself back together again, and absolutely love, I MEAN LOVE every single word and moment of it !!! Della and Ren grew from horrendous beginnings, yet they had love and caring that would put the best to shame. They struggled, life was never easy, yet they made it work. This is a book you will never forget, I want to say thank you to this author, this book is EVERYTHING !! and I feel honoured to have been on this journey with Ren and Della!! This book is LOVE !!!