Jordon is most definitely Dr. Dreamboat, he spends his days delivering babies and his nights delivering exactly what ever woman wants !! Yep he’s Dr. Dreamboat and Dr. Playboy ! A committed bachelor he feels he will never find the woman of his dreams, especially as he has a huge crush on one of his patients who is also Married !!!!
Jordan takes a break to Maui and can’t believe his eyes when he see’s the “woman of his Dreams and his Crush?” Aubrey is working in Maui and soon her contract will be up, she’s a girl with dreams, heart, lively, adventurous and she instantly feels the pull towards Jordon. It doesn’t take Jordon long to realise that this girl is his everything, and not at all like the woman he has had a crush on. But little twists make everything difficult!!
I really enjoyed this story, i loved the relationship that developed between Jordon and Aubrey. Sweet, Romantic, hot, sassy and humor filled the pages and made for more than pleasant reading. Even with their age difference, with Jordon being late 30’s i really could feel that this relationship was just meant to be. They were each others Yin to the Yang!! But as always a sneaky little twist always throws a spanner in the works. It was at this point i felt the book lost a little of the plot, just when we needed to know how they were going to recover and deal with the issues, the book seemed to take off in a different direction. For the last 3rd of the book, Jordon seemed to drop out of the picture, and this was when we really wanted to see MORE of Jordon & Aubrey and the emotion and effort needed to “FIX” everything and get this awesome couple back where they belonged, the story felt like it became all about someone else. When it returned to Jordon and Aubrey i felt it was rushed, to their resolution. I still enjoyed this well written romance but on a personal level i just felt it was missing a big chunk of both Jordon and Aubrey’s journey to keep their love and relationship on the up.