This book takes up where the first book, “The Unbreakable Thread” left off. 
Maci has been keeping secrets, Ethan kind of knows this, Now it’s time to come clean, but can these two stubborn, grudge holding, people really survive when it all hits the fan?
If you love the angst and drama, you get it in bucket loads with both Maci & Ethan. I both loved and was frustrated with them in the first book, and equally so in this conclusion. Yet again this author kept me rivited, If anything i think i was drawn more towards Ethan this time around. Even though he’s still a bit of an asshole, his inner heart was showing his vulnerabilites, and with Maci it was good to see that there were other issues that she also had to resolve, and not just a childish comment that Ethan had made that resulted in her overboard wish for revenge. I loved the relationships within this band, and I loved this story, it was love at its worst and its best !!!