This book captured me right from the word go!!!  Two characters with pasts that they both would rather forget. Grayson Westbrook is a man on a mission and let me tell you, i’d give anything to be his mission !!!   Layla is a modern independent woman, she doesn’t need to man at her tail to be successful, nor is she looking for one, between her past and present she’s had to many let downs. She fell in love with Gray but hasn’t seen him for over a year, he broke her heart, he lied !!   So when he turns up as The New Client at her office, the fun begins !!!

Now we get to the tricky part, how can i tell you how amazing this couples story is without giving anything away, because trust me this is a book that will have you hooked from beginning to end.Firstly you will be captured by the unique way they meet , then you will be heartbroken when you find out how they ended. Gray is witty, charming, sex on a stick, handsome, but can he possible win her back?  You will go through every emotion, from the warm fuzzies, to the panty melting and even wanting at times to kick someone to the kerb !!!! I absolutely loved this couple, Their love was just pure beauty, their past issues were definitely something that defined them, and i was glued to the pages as they wound their way through the past and to resolve things. Their chemistry will definitely keep you rivited and their banter had me wanting this book never to end !  This book is written so perfectly i not only enjoyed the story, i felt i was right there with them, as this part of their lives played out, and i absolutely loved every second of it !!!!