This book was just about as Perfect a Rom Com as you will get.
Starting off with a Hot Sexy Steamy first kiss that would make you toes curl. But damn it all if he didn’t then just disappear !!! Men and Life Sucks for Ashton!!! First catching her fiance cheating, losing her grandmother and fighting desperately to save her childhood home, now she can’t even hold onto a man for one night !!!!!
That’s about all i’m going to tell you because it really needs to be read blind. But be prepared for inappropriate old ladies, ninja goats, crazy friends, mishaps, laughs, hot steamy sweetness and characters that just leave you in a smiley puddle !! I can honestly say i devoured this book, through laughs, giggles and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting on the next outburst of expletives!! oh what fun it was to see this couple navigate their emotions and fall in love among the chaos!! Jax just bout made my day, for a man who doesn’t do relationships, he sure does one perfectly !! I loved how each came to terms with their pasts and moved forward. It really was all about the LOVE !!! I just didn’t want it to end.