Jasper Quint, Playboy, Loves Fast Cars, Future CEO of the Family Car Manufacturing Business. Wait Stop there… MAYBE future CEO if he complies with his fathers wishes, that he settles down and gets himself a wife before the Annual Family Holiday. Jasper being Jasper hatches a plan with his assistant/cousin where everyone including himself will win. He will find a wife, so his dad will be happy and off his back, buttttt he will find a fake wife, one that his family will dislike and will not want within their circles, Fake Wife and Fake Divorce coming up and everyone wins Right? Enter Dee, a poor girl, with big dreams of having a career in Car Design and this internship is a huge step in achieving her ambition, one she’s worked darned hard to reach !! I mean she only has to put up with the Hot, sexy, stunning man for a month right? You know what they say about best laid plans???
I loved it !! Is this book predictable? Yes, but only in so far as you know its romance and its got an HEA. The path they take is unique and makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read. Two People who meet and find the very thing they didn’t know they wanted or needed. Two people who quite simply and beautifully just FALL IN LOVE!! Characters with chemistry that leaves you hot and steamy, Coz i gotta tell you Jasper is the definition of Puddles and Melting !!!! Dialogue that has you laughing and almost in tears at the same time. Simply put this is a beautiful little romance that gives you all the feels in all the right places !!!