Love, Commitment, monogamy, relationships are all words that have no place in Pierce Kingstons life. He neither partakes nor believes in any of that old mumbo jumbo. Now SEX, SEX and more sex are most definitely the main stay for him. Not only is he a committed playboy, he’s also a successful Hotelier.
Did i like him? No not at first, he really seems to be a total douche, yet there is also something endearing about him. Put on a sex ban by a therapist he’s been forced to see, had me in fits of laughter as this story is told in his pov. Even though at this point its such a light read, i could feel the underlying deep seated issues and his dark secrets looming on the edge.
I found myself confused yet incredibly intrigued by Pierce, for a man who is adamant that he will never love, or have emotional entanglements, its is clearly obvious that there are two women, who he loves unconditionally. His best friend Annie and his little sister Tawny. The love and caring he shows them had me falling even deeper into his trap!!! Annie is the only woman he trust’s and knows his secrets as they have been friends practically from childhood.
Then he meets Sutton Presley, a woman a bit like himself, doesn’t do commitment or love. When his feelings for this woman become apparent, its then we really get to the layers this man hides behind. The author gently draws us in, then BAM!! It all becomes serious, and your emotions just fly, i didn’t even realise how emotionally invested i had become, till it all hit me. One particular event involving Annie just broke me, and then the depths this man went to, to find his own strength and peace just left me in shatters!! Humour, emotion, fresh and Unique, Definitely a must read !!




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