Damaged, Twisted, Savage. Oldest of the dark and dangerous Locke Brothers, and thrives on causing pain to those who deserve it!! Ace Locke is all of the mentioned and MORE!! So much more, he’s hot, sexy, intense, protective and he’s had his eye on Melissa for quite a while, now though he’s done waiting and is making his move on the one woman he wants to claim as his.

This book grabbed me from the first chapter. Ace is intense, i mean really intense, i could almost feel myself wither at the thought of one of his dangerous looks. Yet he has a charm about him that will melt your heart. He is definitely a man you would run from, but also one you would love to catch!!
I loved his devotion to winning Melissa and i loved her strength and her doubts of being able to accept him for the man he was. Her reactions to some of the situations she had to face really made me feel involved with her dilema’s This is the third book in this series co-written by Victoria Ashley and Jennika Snow and it’s also quickly rose to my favorite !!! You just can’t fail to love a book that gets to you on these levels and leaves you hot, bothered and looking for more !!!!!!!!!!