This book is Dark,  definitely twisted, it does contain violence and physical and sexual abuse, so if you have triggers it may not be the book for you. But if you love a trip into the dark twisty world its definitely a book for you !!

Oh this Family, i’m not sure how to describe them, vicious entitled criminal? King within their world and nothing will touch them.

Filly has been raised in a loving family, seeing the world and everything good, only one rule, Never go to Chicago !!  Of course once she’s on her way to art college she takes a detour to visit the city she’s grown up being told to avoid !!  She’s a good girl but she does have an attraction to Bad Boys, little does she know just how Bad this boy is !!!!!!

This is where she meets Brye McCowan,, and this is the point where her whole life is thrown right off its axis!!  She’s thrown into the world of drugs, debauchery of the worst kind, cruelty, violence, but even through it all she’s drawn to Brye. This isn’t a sweet romance, it’s Ugly love, harsh yet strangely draws you in.  Secrets, lies, who to trust, it all floods out, and when Filly learns that her Loving family was once part of this Crime Family where life including her own has no more value than that of a bug being squashed below your boot, she realise’s that this is a situation that she probably isn’t going to survive. The only thing keeping her alive right now is Brye and even he is as big a threat to her life as his father.

For the first time in his depraved life, Brye has found something he values, someone who makes it feel that his life could be better, someone who brings solace to his tortured soul and someone he will do anything to Keep, even though he knows he shouldn’t.


I did like this couple and had a love hate relationship with Brye.  This book takes you on a huge roller coaster and i really enjoyed it.

At the time of writing this review, this book had a lot of grammatical errors, missed words etc, and although they have had no influence on my review, i do hope they are ironed out before publication.