What happens when love turns sour, when relationships end. Sometimes both parties walk away with a handshake but not this time..

Vindictive Hunter the multi millionaire is unforgiving and resentful of his ex wife Love and the alimony he has to pay her.

Enter guitar playing, music loving unemployed Jude. In the wrong time at the wrong place and lo and behold he finds himself caught up in the battle of power, destruction and matters of the heart.

Love.. yes that’s her name is a free spirit longing to help others, who find themselves needing to start over again, much like herself. Can her new neighbour help her? or is he just a cup of sugar lender?

What is more important in life love or money? what completes you, following your head or your heart?

This book explores this and in such a heart breakingly beautiful way.

Words of what should be with moments of needing, longing, regret and fate conjoin to make your heart ache, your head spin and your toes curl in anticipation.

Winter is becoming a must read author to me, I love every second spent with her characters and their lives and very much look forward to meeting her next creations.