Staci Johnston is a sassy, independant, young woman and a talented Tattoo Artist. She makes no apologies for her actions, she wants no commitments, but she does like to have one night stands. A girl has her needs right?
Mason Connor is the brother of Staci’s Best friend Liv, who we met in the first book, Where Good Girls go to Die and she fell in love with Staci’s boss Parker.(swoon) Mason is also a commitment phobe and a bit of a manwhore, but when he receives a naked boob pic on his fone, mistakenly sent to him by liv, who meant it to go to her booty call, the lines blur and the temperature rises !!!!!
I absolutely loved this book, it was perfect pace, and flowed flawlessly !! The banter between these too had me so captivated. The chemistry had me panting for more, and their dilema of crossing “the Best Friends Brother line” had me itching with nerves. Hot Sexy and Steamy in all the right places. It was so obvious they were made for each other!! Although it was a little insta love it worked perfectly, after all they weren’t exactly strangers to each other and as their relationship developed you realised just how much they were actually in tune to each other without even realising. Staci fought it all she could, but Mason, oh how i adored this guy !!!! He sure wasn’t gonna sit on his laurels, he was damned if he wasn’t gonna get his girl !!!! MY heart shattered when Liv’s past caught up and this author just slapped me right in the heart with that !!!! I just didn’t want this book to end, it’s definitely joined the ranks in my top favorites.





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