This book is part one of a duet and does end in a cliff hanger …
Maci Dane or as she used to be known, Dani Mayne, owes her success and drive to her overpowering need for revenge on the man who crushed her in high school. Now she has that opportunity with supporting the upcoming tour with the hugely successful Rock Band Vail. All she has to do, is snare the man responsible, Vail’s Drummer, Ethan Fuller. She fully intends to succeed and leave him destroyed and on his knees.
Ethan Truly lives the rock star life, he’s obnoxious, egotistical, and even though sexy as hell, he does what he wants when he wants!!
Ethan is unaware of Marci’s true identity. His feelings towards her confuse him, he feels like he knows her, she reminds him of the one girl he ever felt something for and he’s never forgot.
I both loved and hated this book. I loved the push pull of these two characters, but at the same time i just wanted to slap them. I found it pretty hard to like Ethan at times, yes his behaviour nor attitude was great, and i could get that, but hey he’s in his late 30’s!! Maci, i wanted to shake, she’s also in her 30’s and the way this pair danced around each other, always holding their secrets frustrated me. In saying that i also found i had to keep reading, it’s one of those books that kind of sucks you into their spiral and there is no escape! The chemistry between this couple was hot as hades and you are kept guessing and pulling your hair out !!! Now though, i’m pulling my hair out for a different reason and will be waiting impatiently on the next one!